About Us

Hi, I am ahsanul mabub jobair. now i am a student. i studies in shiddeswari university accounting subject. blog in is my one favourite hobby.

that’s reasons i write different topics and majority i like to write trending  topics.cause its occur day by day. peoples like to read trends news.

This reasons  i build up simple news magazine name the magnews .it’s short from of magazine.this website build up my personal experience.

I am wordpress expert and also know youtube, editing photos .my journey start 2020.when I am student also employed.

I made an observation about people’s  obsessive behavior on Facebook. When signing up to facebook a few months later, I noticed the same activity.

At the time there has 2.8 billion people on Facebook and a 330 million  on Twitter.

I am curious.and thinking how can i  proper use those platform.and peoples see my blogs.

What became apparent to me as I set on the sidelines,  that i rise up  of social networks as  a game changer.

The power of these platforms has promising to democratize publishing, marketing and business.

That’s why everyday  i write different topic and share my social link and people like my topic they also share it.

Thank you.